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Client-Centric Financial Planning

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At Rogers Financial Group, we live by one motto:

Making Unknown
things Known

Many of our clients come to us with challenging and complex issues. For most, there seem to be more questions than answers. When it comes to their financial future, they are met with uncertainty and anxiety—they live in a world we call the “unknown.” 

We believe that through holistic, evidence-based planning, we can deliver clarity and empower our clients to make important financial decisions. We make unknown things known by outlining clear, tangible objectives and creating a comprehensive roadmap for your life. When there are dreams of a meaningful, fulfilling future, nothing should stand in their way.

Our Expertise

Service Offerings

Our custom financial solutions help you protect the life you’ve built and create a secure, meaningful future. Whether you’re looking for a specific service or you need comprehensive support, we’ll work with you to identify the best resources to help you accomplish your goals.

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How We Work

Two Paths of Engagement

Whether you have a specific planning need or you desire to optimize your entire financial landscape, we’ll guide you through whichever process works best for you. We offer two primary paths of engagement when you work with Rogers Financial Group.


Targeted solutions focuses on
one aspect of your financial picture.

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Comprehensive Fee-Based Planning

Our comprehensive fee-based plans give you an
overview of your entire financial landscape.

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